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Quickoffice iPhone app for Word Processing

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The Bottom Line

If you want to create, edit and save Word files on your iPhone, then you need Quickoffice. It is ideal for creating document drafts while on the go. And transferring files over Wi-Fi couldn't be any easier, making it a great way to transport documents.

But, Quickoffice does have one serious flaw. The program does not allow you to send or receive documents via email. For that, you must buy a separate program. I'm sure many users would pay extra for integrated email ability. At the least, I would have liked a premium version with native email abilities.


  • Supports cut and paste
  • Can work in landscape mode
  • Connects to Mobile Me accounts
  • Can switch applications without losing work
  • Easy to transfer files over Wi-Fi


  • Additional program required to send files via email
  • Password for Wi-Fi sharing isn't persistent
  • No spelling or grammar tools


  • Quickoffice's password feature provides another layer of pretection for your documents.
  • With Quickoffice, you can create and edit both Excel and Word files directly on your phone.
  • You can password protect your session when connecting via Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the password is reset with each connection.
  • Quickoffice will automatically rotate to landscape mode. This makes typing much easier.
  • Quickoffice does not include AutoCorrect or spelling and grammar tools. So, edit carefully!
  • Users looking to print Word documents from the iPhone should look elsewhere. Quickoffice does not support printing.
  • Quickoffice includes a file browser. You can browse your documents and even arrange them into folders.

Guide Review - Quickoffice iPhone app for Word Processing

Quickoffice should be commended for bringing the ability to work with Word documents to the iPhone. This app lets you create and edit documents directly on your iPhone, a feat that was previously impossible.

Of course, doing word processing on an iPhone is less than pleasant. And, not even the ability to work in landscape mode totally improves the situation. The problem is more with the iPhone's small screen and virtual keyboard than the Quickoffice software.

Quickoffice makes it easy to transfer documents to and from the phone over a Wi-Fi connection. This is a boon for users who need a simple way to move documents to the phone for storage while traveling.

Once the documents are on your phone, you can make changes to them. But, heavy editing is not advisable. That's because Quickoffice doesn't provide spelling and grammar tools; it's a sad fact that many have come to rely too heavily on these tools. And, you don't want to introduce new errors into your document. That said, Quickoffice does offer a decent set of editing tools, including cut and paste.

Unfortunately, Quickoffice does not have the ability to send documents as email attachments. Nor can the program receive documents via email. For email abilities, you must purchase the Quicksheet or Quickoffice Files app. At $2, the Quickoffice Files app isn't expensive. But, having email capabilities integrated in the main app would be preferable. I'm sure many would pay a $2 premium for a version with email capabilities.

Quickoffice is a must for those who rely on Word to get work done. Users who can get past the lack of native email capabilities will like Quickoffice. That is, provided they understand the limitations imposed by the iPhone's keyboard and screen.
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