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Zoho Online Word Processor

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The Bottom Line

Zoho Writer is a handy online word processor. It allows you to create and edit document from any computer with an Internet connection. But, those looking for a full feature set should look elsewhere.

You can import your Word or OpenOffice documents and edit them directly from the Web. It even allows you to import HTML content from Web pages. And the handy export to PDF feature will win many users.


  • Free online word processing software
  • Support for multiple document types
  • Export documents to PDF
  • Tabbed viewing of documents
  • Customizable


  • Limited help
  • Confusing buttons


  • File Support: Word files, HTML, XML, plain text, RTF, and Word templates. Graphics also supported.
  • File Support (saving): Saves as Word files, HTML, RTF, PDF, and plain text.
  • Blogs: You can publish documents to your blog, although only limited blog types are supported.
  • Help: Support needs improvement. Instead of consulting a help menu, you'll have to experiment.

Guide Review - Zoho Online Word Processor

Zoho Writer is a mixed bag. It offers a broad set of editing features. But these features may not be enough for power users.

It is easy enough to import files from Word, OpenOffice, and even spipets from the Web. And the ability to view documents in tabs is a nice touch.

But the program does not provide enough in the way of support. The buttons, designed much like Word's, don't equate to the same Word features. So this may be confusing for some users.

Like most of its competitors, Zoho Writer allows you to share documents. You can allow others to read your documents or you can invite them to edit your work.

One of the best features of Zoho Writer is the ability to export documents in a number of formats. At the top of the list is the PDF format. You can achieve cross-platform support without the need for expensive software. You can also export as a Word, OpenOffice, HTML, or RTF file.

But Zoho Writer does have its drawbacks. First, the layout isn't as appealing as some of its competitors. Its document menu isn't intuitive. You'll probably have to do some searching to find what you need. And, although it tries to mimic Word, the functionality isn't the same.

Also, help features are somewhat lacking. You'll have to learn how to use the program through experimenting, as a help menu is non-existent.

But one feature many will appreciate is the ability to customize menus. You can hide the buttons that you don't use, leaving more room for working on your document!

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