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Foxit Phantom PDF Suite 2.0

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The Bottom Line

Despite a few drawbacks, Foxit Phantom PDF Suite is a capable full-featured PDF creation and editing suite. Most users will find the low cost its most attractive feature. But, they will soon discover that they're not sacrificing much for price. It offers all the tools that the average user will need.

Foxit Phantom is fast and doesn't hog system resources, making it ideal for slower machines. Hopefully, future versions will be able to convert PDF files to Word format.


  • Inexpensive PDF creation and editing
  • Fast and lightweight
  • PDF creation is fast and easy


  • "Custom" installation doesn't allow much customization
  • Doesn't convert PDF files to Word documents
  • Confusing controls


  • Foxit Phantom created PDF files quickly from single or multiple documents. It also works with scanners.
  • It is easy to protect PDF files with encryption. Options can be saved as policies to apply to other documents quickly.
  • Foxit Phantom will convert PDFs to text format. Unfortunately, though, it does not save files in Word format.
  • Buttons are not labeled and descriptions don't always appear on mouse over. This eats away at the program's ease of use.

Guide Review - Foxit Phantom PDF Suite 2.0

At $300, Adobe Acrobat is out of reach of many users. And, some have complained that the program is sluggish and hogs system resources. At $129, Foxit Phantom PDF Suite just may be the ideal solution for these complaints.

The program installs quickly and easily--I was up and going in about two minutes. Once it is installed, it is just as quick to use. It created and opened PDF files with little effort.

Foxit Phantom offers all of the features you would expect from a PDF editing program. You can add annotations and correct text. Add images and movies. You can also sign documents and add bookmarks. Of course, it is also easy to merge and split documents and add pages. You'll also find tools for creating forms.

With PDF files, security is always a concern. Fortunately, Foxit Phantom allows you to encrypt your documents using a password or certificate. You have a couple of different options for encryption type, including 256-bit AES. Your encryption options can be saved as a policy. This makes it easy to apply them to future documents.

Unfortunately, there is no redaction tool in Foxit Phantom. In order to redact text, one would need to use the highlighter tool to block portions of the document. Highlighter color can be switched to black. But, by default, the opacity is not 100 percent. If one isn't careful, this can lead to security problems down the line.

Another feature missing from Foxit Phantom is the ability to convert documents to Word format. It is possible to view a PDF as plain text; and, it is also possible to save the PDF as a plain text file. But, all of the formatting will be lost. This is sure to disappoint some users.

Despite its shortcomings, Foxit Phantom PDF Suite is worth considering if you're in need of a PDF editing and creation program.

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