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Merging Excel Data Sources with a Word Document
Part 3: Associating the Data Source
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Part 1: Preparing Your Data
Part 2: Setting up the Main Document
Part 4: Inserting Merge Fields
Part 5: Viewing the Merged Documents
Part 6: Finalizing the Merge

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Intro to Mail Merge

On the Mail Merge toolbar, click the Open Data Source button

When the Select Data Source dialog box appears, navigate through the folders until you find your Excel workbook. If you are unable to find your Excel file, make sure you have selected All data sources in the drop down box beside the Files of type: label. When you find your file, open it by double-clicking on it, or by selecting it and then clicking Open.

In the Select Table dialog box, select the sheet that contains the data you wish to merge with your document. Before you click OK, make sure the box beside First row of data contains column headers is checked.

Now that the data source has been associated with the main document, you can begin entering text and/or editing your document. You cannot, however, make changes to your data source in Excel; if you need to make changes to the data, you must close the main document in Word before you can open the data source in Excel.

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