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Wrap Text Around an Image


If you have inserted an image or a piece of clip art into your Microsoft Word 2013document, you may still need to tell Word 2013 how to wrap the text around the image.

Wrap Text Around Your Images

Wrap Text Around Your Images
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In previous versions of Microsoft Word, images were automatically inserted with the wrapping In Line With Text. With Word 2013 however, images and object are inserted with the Top and Bottom wrapping style selected. This means that when you insert an image in Word 2013, the image is inserted between two lines of text, instead of treating the object like text.
  1. Select your image or object that you want to wrap text around. The Icon Options button is displayed.
  2. Click the Icon Options button and select a wrapping option:
  • Click Square to wrap text around the border of the image.
  • Click Tight to wrap text tightly around the image. This is most useful for irregularly shaped images.
  • Click Through and then click Edit Wrap Points to drag the wrap points closer to the borders of the image. This lets you can fill in the negative space around the image.
  • Click Top and Bottom to place the image on its own line.
  • Click Behind Text to display the text over the image.
  • Click In Front of Text to display the image over the text. This is used primarily for watermarks.

Give It A Try!

Wrapping text around an image, such as clip art, photos, smart art, or other graphics, gives you the freedom place your images exactly where you want them in your document. The next time you insert an image into your document, try the different text wrapping choices and see how they can change the look of your document!

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