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The Office Clipboard - Word Processing - About.com
Many users appreciate the expanded clipboard that Microsoft has introduced to recent versions of Word. It allows you to copy multiple items and then paste them  ...
Top 5 Timesavers in Microsoft Word - Word Processing - About.com
The Format Painter has to the least used and yet most useful tool in Word. The Format Painter is located on the Home tab in the Clipboard section. It copies the ...
Turning Word's Task Pane on and Off - Word Processing - About.com
Although the Task Pane introduced to Word in 2002 provides quick access to certain ... Turning on/off Word's Task Pane ... Displaying the Expanded Clipboard  ...
Get Word Art from Microsoft Office into Page Layout Application ...
Most anything created as Word Art in Microsoft Office can be recreated in Adobe ... Open the document containing the Word Art then copy it to the clipboard.
How to Insert Pictures and Clip Art in Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007
When you choose an image for your Microsoft Word document, make sure that the ... the image to your Clipboard and paste it in your Microsoft Word document.
Introduction to Word - Word Processing - About.com
This is a feature that was recently introduced to Word by the folks at Microsoft. ... For example, you can choose to view the clipboard – it will display up to 24 of ...
Change the Way Text Is Pasted Into Word Documents
In most cases, when you paste text into your documents, Word shows the Paste Options button. The button is a small square with a picture of a clipboard.
Frequently Used Word Shortcut Keys - Word Processing - About.com
So, if you're not using Word's Shortcut keys, it's time to get started. This quick tip ... Cut Ctrl + X Removes the selection and places it on the clipboard. Find Ctrl + F ...
Word 2007--Learning the Word 2007 Home Ribbon - Word Processing
The Clipboard Section of the Word 2007 Home Ribbon. -. When you click on a menu in Word 2007, you won't get the traditional drop-down menu. Rather, you'll  ...
Microsoft Word: Clearing clipboard manually, clipboard contents ...
Feb 19, 2004 ... clipboard contents, explorer netscape, system folders: I got this follow-up from my MVP Lead: According to the information I was able to dig up ...
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