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Microsoft Word -- Tips for Formatting Word Documents
... your documents. There are so many options, that it can be difficult to find them all. These tips will show you the ins and outs of formatting your Word documents.
Formatting Your Word Document With Styles - Word Processing
Word's styles feature will help you apply consistent formatting to your document. Once you define a style, you can apply it to different sections of your document ...
Tips for Formatting Word 2007 Documents - Word Processing
Word 2007 provides many formatting options for documents. Use Word's formatting options correctly, and you'll have professional looking documents every time!
Word's Format Painter - Word Processing - About.com
If you want to apply the same formatting to different portions of your document and you're not using a template or styles, there is a shortcut. Word's Format Painter ...
Removing Formatting From Specific Areas of Your Document
But if you've applied a lot of different formatting elements, this can be tedious. ... Formatting Your Word Document With Styles · Removing Personal Information ...
Change the Way Text Is Pasted Into Word Documents
When you paste a selection from another document or program into a Word file, formatting can often be a problem. The text will retain the formatting from the ...
Working With Tables in Microsoft Word - Word Processing - About.com
Aligning text in a word processing document can be tedious if you try to do it ... Tips for Formatting Word Documents; Working With Tables in Microsoft Word.
Using Macros to Format Select Text - Word Processing - About.com
One of the best uses for macros is to format your text. Read this quick tip to find out how you can create a macro that will apply customized formatting to a select ...
Formatting Academic Research Papers With Word - Word Processing
Special formatting requirements for research papers can make this difficult. Fortunately, Word has tools to help you perfect your document's presentation.
Removing Formatting From Text in Word 2007 - Word Processing
When you're cutting and pasting text into your Word document, it is easy to introduce formatting inconsistencies. But, it isn't always so easy to rid your document ...
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