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AutoFormat - Word Processing - About.com
Many users are frustrated by Word's tendency to apply formatting to document elements such as numbered and bulleted lists. If you would like to stop Word from  ...
Disabling Automatic Bulleted and Numbered Lists in Word
Few features invoke as much ire as Word's automatic bulleted and numbered lists. Although it is designed to make your work in Word easier, many people ...
Turning Off Automatic Hyperlinks in Word
... form, hyperlinks serve no good purpose and can throw the formatting of your document off. Find out how to stop Word from inserting hyperlinks automatically.
Customize AutoCorrect or AutoFormat Options in Microsoft Office
AutoFormat -- Changing AutoFormat Options · Customizing AutoCorrect in Word 2007 · Get the Most Out of Spell Check and Grammar Check in Microsoft Office ...
Working With Charts and Tables in a Word for Mac Document
Charts and tables will really spruce up your Word for Mac documents. Fortunately , working with them is a snap. These great tips will help you get started!
Replace Font Formating With the Dialogue Box (Word FAQ)
If you've ever wanted to replace specific font formatting in Word and have done it manually, you know that it can be a tedious process. Fortunately, you can use ...
Excel: Permanent Formatting, conditional formatting, format tables
Dec 1, 2006 ... ... like sorting by a field or adding a row, the Autoformatting is messed up ... Microsoft Office majoring in Word and Excel - support for all versions ...
MS Publisher inline table - centering - AllExperts
Jan 9, 2007 ... Now... if you have applied Table AutoFormatting from the Table menu this may ... Decorating Web Pages · Creating a Table of Contents in Word ...

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