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Adding a Preview Image to Your Documents
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When you save Word documents or templates, one way to make them easier to find later is to include a preview image with the document that will display in the Open dialog box when you highlight the document name or in the Templates dialog box when you click on the template name. The preview image shows the document as it would look on the printed page, much like when you click print preview on the standard toolbar in Word. While it is no substitute for keeping your documents organized by using appropriate titles and by grouping them in folders, a preview image adds a little extra help in finding your file.

To add a preview image to your document:

1. Select Properties from the File menu

2. On the Summary tab, add a check to the box beside the label Save a preview picture

3. Click OK

4. Save the changes to your document or template by using the Ctrl + S shortcut key, or, to save it with a different name, use the F12 key

If the file you’re adding the preview image to is a template, you don’t need to do anything else; the preview image will appear in the right-hand side of the Templates dialog box under the Preview label.

If the file you’re adding the preview image to is a regular Word document, in order to see the preview image in the Open dialog box, you must change the view in the dialog box.

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