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Changing the Appearance of Quotation Marks


To help you get the best looking document possible, Microsoft has loaded Word with smart quotes, a feature that automatically changes straight quotation marks to typographer’s quotes as you type. If you haven’t noticed this before, the quotation marks curl – at the beginning of text they’re weighted at the bottom, and at the end of text they’re weighted at the top. While this makes for a nice printed document, it can be troublesome if your work is going to be used electronically.

Fortunately, this feature can be turned on or off easily:

1. From the Tools menus, select AutoCorrect Options
2. Click on the AutoFormat As You Type tab
3. Under Replace as you type, check or uncheck "Straight quotes" with “smart quotes”

If you’ve already done a considerable amount of work on your document and don’t want to replace the quotes manually, you can have Word make the changes for you:

1. Follow the steps above
2. Use the Ctrl + H shortcut key to open the Replace tab of the Find and Replace dialog box
3. Enter " in both the Find what and Replace with boxes
4. Click Replace All

Notes: This will work for both single and double quotes, although you will need to do separate Replace operations, selecting the appropriate options for each. If you want Microsoft to use smart quotes automatically in the future, you will need to go back and change the AutoFormat option.

A Suggestion: If you like smart quotes in most situations, but frequently need to change them to straight quotes, why not create a macro using the above steps?

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