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Resetting Keyboard Shortcuts and Keys


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If you’ve made changes to the shortcut keys or to the command keys on the keyboard and want to restore them to their original settings, you can. To reset the keyboard and keystrokes to the default settings, follow these simple steps:

1. From the Tools menu, select Customize…
2. In the Customize dialog box click the Keyboard… button
3. The Customize Keyboard dialog box appears
4. Click Reset All… (The button will be shaded out if you have not made any keyboard customizations)
5. Click Yes in the pop up box
6. Click Close
7. Click Close on the Customize dialog box

Note: You will lose all keystrokes you assigned to macros and styles, so before you restore the settings, it is wise to review the customizations you have made. If in doubt, it is best to reassign keystrokes and command keys individually. For more information, on how to do this, read this tip.

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